Enrollment Details

(i) Entry Requirements
(a) A bachelors Degree in Medicine of the University of Ibadan or other Institutions recognized by the University.
(b) A Bachelors Degree (not below second upper division) in Nursing, Health Sciences, Biological Sciences, Social Sciences and Education with adequate working experiences and demonstrated interest in Population Issues and Reproductive Health.
(c) Any other qualification deemed to be equivalent to (a)

(ii) Admission
Candidates will be considered every year for admission into the programme at a time announced by the Post-graduate School where all completed application forms must be returned. Selection will be strictly competitive and subject to vacancies based on the quota approved by the Board of Post-graduate Studies of the College of Medicine.


(i) Procedure for Registration All candidates shall register for the programme for which they are admitted. The process of registration shall consist of the following:
(a) Candidates’ completion of the prescribed forms obtainable from the Postgraduate School.
(b) Endorsement of the forms by the appropriate Heads of Departments and Sub-Deans on the presentation of original copies of all credentials by the candidates
(c) The subsequent return of such completed forms to the Postgraduate School together with photocopies of the documents presented in
(b) above, as well as evidence of payments of prescribed fees.

(ii) Deadline for Registration
In case of fresh students, all registration formalities should be completed as stipulated by the Postgraduate School.
(iii) Renewal of Registration Candidates shall renew their registration at the beginning of each session until the completion of their higher degree/diploma programme.
(iv) Late Registration In exceptional cases, late registration may be entertained up to the end of the first semester, on payment of fine, which amount will be specified by the Postgraduate School.
(v) Addition/Deletion of Courses An application for addition/deletion of courses after four weeks of resumption of the semester in which course(s) is taught shall attract a fee as specified b the Postgraduate School and, if made one week or less before examinations commence, a higher fee. Applications made after examination have commenced will not be entertained.

In all cases, the programme will include an approved course work followed by research and an oral defense of a dissertation on an approve subject in reproductive health education.

(i) Course Work
The objective of the course work is to ensure that the individual candidate acquire advance training and competence in:
(a) The core foundation of Public Health applicable to reproductive Health Education.
(b) The successful completion of the core courses is a prerequisite for entry into ONE selected tract for concentration where the candidate will take the required specialized courses.

(ii) Type of Course Enrolment
The following standard terminologies shall be use for different categories of Courses:
(a) Compulsory
Courses specified by a department which a student must take and pass.
(b) Required
Courses specified by a department which a student must take but not necessarily pass. However, the minimum acceptable level of performance is 35% below which the course will have to be re-registered for and be re-examined at the next opportunity.
(c) Elective Courses specified by a department from which a student can choose in order to make up the required additional units for the award of the degree.

(iii) Research and Dissertation
The candidate will carry out research leading to dissertation on a subject related to the chosen specialty tract.

(iv) Examinations
(a) Candidates shall, in the first session take end of courses test in all approved courses which will test the candidate’s ability to synthesize and apply public Health principles in the theory and practice of population and reproductive health services and research.
(b) The successful performance in the Part I Examination shall be a pre-requisite to proceed to the Part 2 examination in the second session which consists of series of research seminars and oral defense of dissertation according to the regulations stipulated by the Post-graduate School.

D. Submission and assessment of Project Reports/Dissertation
Candidate for the Masters Programme shall be required to submit a Project Report while those for the degree of M.Phil. or M.P.H. shall be required to submit a dissertation. Project Report/Dissertation shall be prepared in accordance by the appropriate format and other particulars approved by the Postgraduate School. They shall be the work of candidates done under supervision and shall not include unacknowledged materials which has been published elsewhere or submitted for a higher degree of any University.